Аlisherov Аbdulla

associate professor, к.ф.-м.н. departments "Applied mathematics and информатика" ИНИТ, КSUCTA the name of Н.Исанова


Higher, Кыргызский state university (КГУ) Mathematician, teacher of mathematics of 1972г.

Graduate student, Leningrad state university, 1983.

The main stages of labor activity:

1973-1978 teacher of department of higher mathematics the Frunze polytechnic institute;

1978-1983 probationer and graduate student the Leningrad state university;

1983-1993 teacher, item teacher, associate professor to the department to the applied mathematics and зам. dean of technological faculty (ФПИ, БПИ, КТУ);

1993-1995гг. director of institute to Institution of higher learning preparations and associate professor of department ВМ Жалалабатского state university;

1995-2008 dean of каракулского of engineering faculty of Жалалабатского of state university;

2008-2017 зав. by the department of department of Higher mathematics of КГУСТА of the name Н. Исанов,

From 2017 associate professor of department ПМи


Honorary Professor of the LAGS



Contact details slave:

8 (certificate) and 1 (accreditation expert)

51 scientific articles, 11 methodological manuals

tel.: 0312-56-44-46; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.