10Isabaeva Tozagul Rashitovna

The Personal data:
D.o.b.: 27.11.1987
The Birthplace: Tadzhik SSR. Leninobodskiy obl. r-n Hudzhand s. Selken Nationality: kyrgyz Citizenship: Kyrgyzstan Household position: not to be married

1.1996-2002. SSH  18 im. A. Makarenko s.selken
2. 2002-2006. SSH  80 Bishkek
3. 2006-2011. KGUSTA Faculty "INIT" on professions "Informatics" Experience of the work: With 01.09.2011г on persisting day Methodist of  chair "HM"

The Additional information:
1. PC - an user (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, E-mail, Internet, outlook);
2. The Knowledge of the languages: kyrgyz- native, russian - liberally.


The Personal quality:
Responsiblity, punctuality, sociable, neatness, bona fides, probity.