10Zholochieva Mira Usenbekovna

The Purpose: Become the good professional in its deal.

The D.o.b.: 03.07.1982 Birthplace: CHuyskaya obl., Keminskiy р-н., s. Chastised-obtain;get  56.  
Nationality: Kyrgyz
Formation: Kyrgyzskiy State University im. ZH. Balasagyna Mathematics,informatics and cybernetics "Mathematician".
Experience of the work: 24.04.2006г.-KGUSTA, methodist of the pulpit "HM"
01.02.2008г on persisting day teacher pulpits "HM" Knowledge of the languages: Kyrgyz - native;
Russian - well;

Computer skills: Ms office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Maht Cat.
HTML, My SQL, C++, Turbo Pascal.

The Personal quality: sociable, responsiblity, probity.

The Interests: Read the interesting books and play the volleyball.