Department of foreign languages

        Department of foreign languages is structural division of N.Isanov’s Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport,  and Architecture and is part of Institute Ecology and Energy Saving.
    The chief  of department  is philolosical sciences, docent Sarymsakova Aelita Jenishovna
There are 15 teachers;  4 - docents, candidates of sciences (Ph.D), -9 senior teachers, 8 – masters  degree.
There are 10 teachers of English language, 5 - teachers of German language and 1 teachers of French language on Department of foreign languages. Teachers of Department train students in foreign languages of all specialities.
For the purpose of perfection and optimisation of educational process on foreign languages teachers are in constant search and approbation of new innovative methods and receptions of training to foreign languages, widely introduce on lessons  information and computer technologies, use various language course on  Internet, and also modern educational and education-methodical books, directories, terminological, bilingual dictionaries, electronic versions of textbooks of English, German and French languages of domestic and foreign authors.
Teachers of Department develop education-methodical books on most difficult materials of English, German and French grammar, working programs on each foreign language in conformity of speciality and institute or faculty direction, texts modular tasks, syllabus on foreign languages in conformity of speciality and studied basic discipline. (Staff of the Department)
Lessons are spent basically in language offices which are equipped by modern audio-visual and computer training means connected to Internet.
Educational activity and the is professional-directed training to foreign languages is defined by State Educational Standard of professional higher education on foreign languages and in conformity of curricula of institutes KSUCTA.
Working programs are developed for study realisation on each foreign language in conformity of speciality and direction of educational group, with differentiation of general maintenance of education-language material in all to specialities and directions.
For purposeful training to foreign languages are available enough of textbooks, education –methodical books, dictionaries of various character are developed and methodical books and recommendations about training of three aspects about each foreign language separately are developed. The maintenance of working programs on foreign language corresponds to requirements of curricula of institutes and State standart.
For control of knowledge on speaking foreign language and communicative skills tests are made. The room system of training provides authenticity and adequacy of mastering of foreign languages. There is library in each office, providing quantitative and qualitative requirements of students; there are multimedia, audio-videos teaching materials training courses of foreign languages on CD.
For practical training are made texts (special texts in conformity of specialities of groups), are developed distributing materials, collections of texts on specialities.
Embassies of Germany, USA, France and consulates of other European countries give constantly newspapers, magazines prospectuses on new technologies on foreign language; libraries offices of foreign languages constantly replenish.
Research work of Department definite purposes, problems of training activity of Department.
Direction of scientific research of Department are: language systems, conditions and features of their functioning in multilingual space, perfection of methods and technologies of training to foreign languages in not language (technical) high schools and educational values of foreign languages for the future specialities of engineering direction.
  Sarymsakova's thesis for candidate's degree (on December, 25th 2007г), N.M.Shakeeva (2017), M.K.Karagulova (2019), K.B.Mamatova (2019).
Teachers of Department regularly and actively participateat courses of improvement of qualification in the linguistic centres, high schools of the country and abroad with reception of certificates. Foreign training have passed Sarymsakova A.J., Niazalieva А.T., Zhabagieva P. I., Agybaeva J.B.,  Ismailova G.U. - language training in Germany.
The performed scientific works pass approbation at many scientific, scientifically-practical conferences, at the international scientific conferences, passed in countries of studied language.
Teachers of Department by decision of Academic council KSUCTA, in common with students monthly (the first Tuesday of each month) spend «Days of  foreign language» which are devoted to various significant dates and holidays, connected with culture and traditions of the country in English, German or French languages.
Actions, meetings of students with foreign students and teachers are organised and carried out. Wall newspapers on various actions on holidays are issued by students under guidance of teachers of Department: Teacher’s Day, Students’s Day, Victory’s Day, 8 th March , Noorus, New Year.
Members of Department actively participate in preparation of students for Olympic Games on foreign languages among students of high schools of Kyrgyzstan. Department actively participates in realisation of international contacts of university. Annually Department participates in subject Olympic Games (responsible - teachers V.D Nasyrova., Sajakpaeva M. S)
Within several years Department of foreign languages organised and spend courses on English and German  languages from students, post-graduate students and teachers of high school, letting out unique professionals with knowledge of foreign language.

                                                                                         Responsible person:Rakhmadildeeva B