Department History "Russian language" is closely connected with the history of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute and KSUCTA. In 1954, when FPI was organized by the Department of the Russian language, which was one of the largest and well-equipped. Listeners of the department, in addition to our students, a youth of different countries and peoples - Cubans, Nicaraguans, Libyans, Afghans, the Angolans. Through years of development and transformed the University Department of Russian Language
During the period of the Russian language department was headed by well-known lecturers, leading Methodists, experts in their field - R.B.Bekzhanova, Yu.I.Chernysheva, T.I.Danilycheva, S. I.Aristova, P.Z.Bostonova.
In 1992, after the establishment KASI was organized by the Department of Foreign and Russian. Headed the Department Assoc. P.Z.Bostonova and then G.B.Bayterekova. In 1994, the Russian Language Department merged with the department of Kyrgyz. Head of department was Assoc. A.M.Mahmanurov. In 1997, the section of the Russian language separated and formed independent chair. Department since 2021 and currently manages the Associate Professor  К.Bekturova (staff ).

Today it KSUCTA training unit, which employs three PhD, two acting associate professors, 4 senior teachers and two teachers. At the department has extensive research and teaching-learning experience for students.
During the work of the department was assembled a large scientific-methodical library consisting of books, guidelines, written and published several generations of employees of the department.
With the active assistance of the university administration increased physical infrastructure (office is Russian, four computers, a printer, a new educational literature).
possible assistance department has the Russian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University them. Boris Yeltsin. The volume of material investments from them is more than 70 thousand soms.
In the 2007 academic year at the Department of Russian Language opened a new specialty for Kyrgyzstan - "Organization of work with young people." Recruited two years of full-time students and part-time forms of education of more than 50 people. The specialty has a great future for the developing modern Kyrgyzstan.
In recent years the Russian language department has made a significant leap in human and material development of their potential. Training course on Russian language aimed at the comprehensive development of speech skills in all kinds of speech activity for students of different technical fields.  

                                                                Responsible person: senior lecturer Urdolotova Ch.A. 
updated: 23.10.2020