The department «the Applied mathematics and computer science» (AMC) prepares students on two specialities: «the Applied mathematics and computer science» with assignment of qualification of mathematics, the system programmer; «Informatics» with qualification assignment informatics. (Department’s employees) On chair the experts who have prepared any more one generation “appliers”, working in the most various spheres of activity of the country work highly skilled, with a wide experience. Among them: the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the professor, the academician of Academy pedagogical and social sciences of the Russian Federation, Z.S.Salamatov, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Z.M.Mamytov, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer Osmonkanov A.M., the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer A.K.Orozobekova, acting senior lecturer A.B.Bektenov, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer Dzhanaliev Н, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer Sabitov B., and also highly skilled experts in the field of applied mathematics, computer science and computer facilities, programmers with a teaching wide experience in the high schools, engaged in the mathematical software (Department’s employees). Members of the department prepared and worked out textbooks and manuals for students of high schools, the average comprehensive schools, became reference books of students and pupils; in particular the professor Z.S.Salamatov worked out textbook «Algebra and the analysis beginnings» in a state language for pupils of 10-11 classes, «the Mathematical analysis in problems and exercises» in 2 parts, «Algebra and analytical geometry». PhD of mathematic sciences.,professor Mamytov Z.M. has more than 70 scientific article and the manual «concepts modern natural sciences» under a signature stamp Ministry of Education and Science KR, PhD of mathematical sciences., senior lecturer Osmonkanov A.N. PhD of mathematical sciences are written more than 18 scientific and methodical works., senior lecturer Orozobekova A.K. have more than 16 scientific and methodical works, acting associated professor Bektenov A.B. writes about 40 scientific and methodical works, items teacher Sansyzbaev E.K. has 5 scientific article and the item teacher is engaged in the field of a technique of teaching of mathematics. Аbdieva L has 2 scientific articles, 2 academic-methodical grants, etc. Students of department pass classical mathematical disciplines and strengthened computer to a component, planned on all five years of training, have possibility to participate in research work and to apply professional knowledge, skills of the mathematician and the programmer practically from the very beginning of training. It and cathedral seminars under the decision of non-standard problems, and participation in performance of a scientific theme of chair, both student's scientific conferences and competitions, the internal and open command Olympic Games on programming. The desire to participate in working out of graphic modeling, advertising and Web-appendices will find application in student's laboratory of a machine drawing and Web-design studio. Employment with students on the Applied mathematics Presence of the computer classes equipped with modern means, allows to use the newest information technology in educational process. Classes are completed by such modern software products, as Matematika, Maple, Linux, Corel Draw, PhotoShop, AutoCatz, AzcGis, Turbo Pascal programming systems, C ++ Builder, Delphi, HTML, MatCad and others. The chair sets as the purpose at training on this direction to prepare students as programmers for work in computer networks. The graduates ending high school on the given specialty, can work as programmers of the big information systems, system administrators, Web-masters in the research centers, in the international organizations, banks, at stock exchanges, in the industry, in various firms, in projects, the ministries and departments, in economy and management sphere, and also to open and do the business. The chair has scientific and business ties with scientists of foreign countries. The chair has scientific and business ties with high schools of foreign countries, for example, Westeaechsische Hochshule Zwickau – Fh (West Saxon Institute Tsvikau) in Germany. Within the limits of the arrangement with the given institute the student of group Pmii-1-01 Edilbek uulu Bahtijar has passed semestrial training in Germany in 2005. Students, since 2nd course, have possibility to pass training on information technology abroad. By chair it has been carried out four releases of experts by which qualification “the mathematician and the system programmer” is appropriated. These graduates are completely employed and work in firms, projects, banks, the ministries and other establishments. (Chair structure) Collective of the department Graduates of a specialty «the Applied mathematics and computer science» have the fundamental mathematical preparation combined with ability to put, analyze modern mathematical both applied problems, and high practical skills in the field of programming. They own both extensive theoretical knowledge, and practical skills of conducting scientific researches and decisions of industrial problems. On a modern labor market they will successfully compete to graduates of other high schools and specialities, quickly to master new fields of activity, successfully to do office career.  

                                                                                  Responsible person: Shadiev Mirlan
                                                                                                           updated: 29.11.19