About the Department

The department called "Highways" was organized at the Frunze Polytechnic Institute from 1958. The first head of the department was from 1958 to 1964, Ph.D., Associate Professor A. Gerbrut-Geybovich.
S1964 until 1967 headed the Department PhD Belsky AE Composition kafendry Chudnetsov Associate VP, Shpagina EI Tiulegenov KA, GF Gaydudinov At the department studied two groups of students.
From 1967 - 1968 he served as head of the department associate professor Chudnetsov Vladimir Pavlovich and at different times he headed the department from 1968 to 1975. - Rt. N., Associate Voloshenko NN, with 1975 to 1982. - Ph.D., Associate Professor Abekov TW. from 1982 to 1983. - Professor A. Ilyin, from 1983 to 1992. - Ph.D., Associate Professor, MD Duishenaliev
From 1992 - 1995 year the Department was in charge of candidate of technical sciences, professor Kartanbaev Raykan Soodalievich.
From 1995 - 1996 he headed the department год "ADiMT" associate professor Turgumbaev AT
From 1996 - 2002 he headed the department год "ADiMT" Ph.D., Associate Professor RS Kartanbaev
From 2002 to 2003, chair of "ADiMT" transformed into the Department "Highways and structural mechanics" and the head of the department "ADiSM" Prof. Kutuev MD
From 2003 - 2005 year the Department "ADiSM" transformed into the Department "Highways and Geodesy" and head of the department, "Adiga" Prof. Kartanbaev RS.
From 2005 - 2006 year the Department "Adiga" transformed into the Department "Highways, bridges and tunnels" and appointed head of "ADiMT" k. Called, Associate Turgumbaev AT (Staff of the department).
Simultaneously worked and lectured at various times in the department: Ph.D., associate VP Chudnetsov, Ph.D. Mayboroda AV Shpagina EI, Molchanov VD, Fortune JA, Baygazinov DI Berdybek AD, prof. Kartanbaev RS, AT Turgumbaev lecturer, associate professor Smatov Sh. Associate Duyunov PK, teacher Anarbekov BM etc.
The first road builders specialists were released in 1961.
Graduates of the department for the time being successfully employed in structures Kyrgyz transport departments of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Office of Highway Bishkek-Osh and other organizations.
Several graduates of the department hold prominent leadership positions:
A. Japarov - Minister of Finance and Economy, KR Sulaimanov N. - Minister of Transport and Communications; Ibrayev K. - Head PLUAD - № 6; Borbiev B. - Colonel, chief of traffic police MIA Samanov KS - DSP LCD; Ablesov SA - 1 deputy. Mayor Chui, former Minister of State Construction Committee, MK Kadyrkulov - Managing PLUAD -3; Atakule NK - Manager of the trust Yuzhdortransstroy; Mataev E - Head PLUAD number 2; Bekturov O. - Mayor of Karakol, Prof. RS Kartanbaev - Vice President for Research KSUCTA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Madanbekov NJ - Head of the Training Department KSUCTA, Ph.D., Associate Professor RA Zhumabayev - Head of the "Train" Beymenov JS - Deputy Minister of T & KR, KA Mamaev - Stas.sek. MOTC, Akmatov SZ - Senior Lecturer. "HiBZhD" etc.
For the design and construction of the road Bishkek-airport "Manas" graduates of the "Road construction" Golovin YI, Panychev VA Gaynulin RI - Awarded the State Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Currently, the department supervises PhD, Acting lecturer Kurbanbaev Alaibek Borboevich. The department has nine teachers, two of them, Doctor of Technical Sciences, 5 associate professors have a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, and 5 of them are graduates of the specialty "Highways and airports."
The problem of training of the teaching staff is solved by establishing academic relationships with leading universities in the Kyrgyz Republic. The department collaborates with Kaz ATC TADI, MADI, NAS of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Many young teachers and staff of the department have become doctors and lecturers. For example, Professor Kartanbaev RS. PhD. Associate Smatov TS, Ph.D., Associate Professor RA Zhumabayev