The department of Physics was established in May1992, because of the reorganization of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute and organization of Kyrgyz architecture and construction institute. The department was organized on the basis of department of General Physics of Frunze polytechnic institute.
Prof. S.J.Toctomyshev, Ph.D, corresponding member NAS KR at present supervised the department from1976 to1987
associate professorZ.K. Artykbaeva Ph.D.supervised the department from1987to1989.
associate professorL.K.TolbaevPh.D. supervised the department from 1992 no 1995.
associate professorM.J.Orozaliev Ph.D..supervised thedepartment from 1995 to 1999
Prof A.I. IsmanbaevPh.D. supervised the department from1999 to 2005
The department has experienced, qualified teaching staff: Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences., Associate professor E.U.Umetov, D.Sc.., Professor A.I Ismanbaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor Z.K Artykbaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor K.T Temirkulova, Ph.D., Associate Professor J.K Aidaraliev, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences., Associate Professor M.A Sadykov, Art. Professor K.N Berdibekova, teachers: Z.A Isakov, M.Z Baytemirov; F.S Izakeeva, N.M Kulmurzayev. Many of them were educated and received basic training in the Russian cities Artykbaeva ZK (Leningrad), AI Ismanbaev(Moscow), (Tomsk).

 (Staff of the department).
   Training and supporting staff  isorganized by qualified specialists with higher basic education in the specialty. To ensure the educational process at the department has seven teaching laboratories in all areas of general physics: mechanics, molecular physics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, atomic - nuclear physics, solid state physics, as well as the laboratory for electrical engineering and basic electronics. In 2011, the department has established a virtual laboratory in general physics, electrical engineering and basic electronics. All sections are equipped with methodological manuals in Kyrgyz and Russian approved by the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. Were published about 10 books and manuals. At the department prepared and defendedthe doctoral dissertation of A.Ismanbaev and S.J Toktomyshev. At the department conducts research in the directions: "Studies of seepage flow in porous media" (headed by prof. Ismanbaev A.I) is the scientific and methodological work on state budget theme: "Development of interactive methods in physics for distance learning using computer simulations "(headed by Ph.D Project, Associate Professor E.UUmetov). On the results of the project participated in the competition and the authors E.UUmetov, K.T Temirkulova, J.C Aidaraliev received the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republicin 2010.
Aidaraliev participates on state budget scientific research work of KSUCTA "Development of technology for composites based on organic mineral." (Head Ph.D., Associate Professor Aidaraliev J.C). In 2011, assistant professor of physics Aidaraliev J.K by the Decree of the President received the Prize and the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and technology.
Department of General Physics systematically involved in the work on the direction of the NAS of the Kyrgyz Republic.

                                                                           Responsible person - Kanatbekov Nurjigit

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