Department of "Urban Planning" was established on the basis of the Department of "Architecture" in 1994., It Trains specialists in the field of "Urban Planning", who study the history of cities, architecture, and art. Urban planning specialty  has existed since the old time, at first it was the architects who built houses, temples and cities, later arhitektorygradostroiteli responsible for the design and construction of cities, towns, settlement system, etc.Graduates of the department using their skills, work as urban planners and architects, interior designers, landscape and urban planning as a profession in the hierarchy of professions is in the first place.At the moment, our graduates work in such organizations as the project "Kyrgyz National Institute of Design and Urban Planning", "Bishkek head department architecture", "State construction KR", "The Kyrgyz State Institute of Design and Construction" and others, as well as the main architects of the cities, regions and districts.
Staff and students of the department are actively involved in various international competitions and national scale. Diploma works exhibited at international exhibitions - competitions and receive high honors. The department staff and senior students participated in the urban contest-Tampa (Florida, USA) in 2011. Also, students of urban planning, according to various international programs practiced and acquired additional knowledge at universities in Europe and the USA.
At this time, the department is supervised by candidate architecture Keneshev Tolobay Seydakmatovich.  State Department "Urban planning" consists of highly experienced, as well as young professionals. (Staff of the department)      
Specialty "architect planner" - a very wide profile. Young professionals can work in any enterprises (organizations):    
- State      
- Municipal     
- Private organizations involved in the design of permanent buildings, the development of architectural creation urban complexes and development projects of small and large cities, and designing of landscape architecture and design.
Information for applicants;         
-  High level of education professionals skills:            
-  There are specialized, workshops and laboratories at IAD;          
-  Organizes the annual exhibition of the best students work;           
-  There are computer classes, classes in drawing and painting and sculpture at IAD.          
- Granted additional workshops for the design under   by experienced architects practitioners are provided by IAD.