Department of "Art design products"

The department “ADP” was organized in 1995. During the existence of the department was released more than 800 graduates. Head of the Department is  Assistance Professor Omorkulova D.K.
Graduates of the department successfully work at the leading garment enterprises of Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Canada, Germany, Russia and other countries. (staff of the department)

1.   The department ADP”provides training for bachelors in the following areas: Art of costume and textiles, profile Art design products. At revenues to training results the General Republican Test (not less than 110 points) and results of entrance examinations in disciplines are considered: "Drawing" and "Suit composition".
2.    "Technology and design of light industry products" profile "Design of garments". At revenues to training results of GRT (not less than 110 points) are considered.
3.    "Visual art" profile "art textiles".  


Training takes place full-time on a contractual and state budgetary basis. Terms of training in three areas of educational programs - 4 years.
Since September 2018, the department has been preparing undergraduates (masters) in the direction of "Art of costume and textiles", according to the profile of "Artistic design of costume". Training takes place full-time on a contract basis. Training terms - 2 years.

The faculty consists of 24 people, including 3 candidates of technical sciences, 2 professors, 1- PhD of Art, 6 acting associate professors, 7 senior teachers, 5 teachers.
The scientific work of the department is devoted to the study of the Kyrgyz costume: the formation, processing technology, design, historical aspects of development. Reconstruction of women's and men's suits of the southern and northern Kyrgyz Republic.

The department has a modern material and technical base: lecture halls, workshops, a computer class, a library, a showroom, and others.
The department “ADP” is the organizer of the republican contest of young designers "Fashion industry" together with the association "Easily industry" in the framework of the annual international exhibition "Fashion industry. Products and equipment". Students of the department “ADP” present their collections of fashion models and occupy top places in various urban, republican, international design competitions.
Every year the department “ADP” participates in "Job fairs", which are conducted by the marketing department of KSUCTA and other organizations. Thanks to these activities, problems with the employment of students are solved.   

Graduates of the department “ADP” who have received education in the field of artistic design of clothing, design and technology of garments, design for textiles are successfully implemented:
-on textile and light industry enterprises;
-in fashion houses, studios, design studios and creative workshops;
-in industry organizations;
-on the editors of fashion magazines

     Responsible person:Sarybaev Sh.

Updated - 10.03.20.