History of the department

      Department of "Restoration and reconstruction of the architectural heritage" Handbook (PPAH) in IBP opened in 1998. In the same year made the first set of students in the amount of 15 people in Kyrgyzstan to a new specialty - "RRAN" with qualified architect-restorer.
      The opening of the long-term activity preceded the department teacher of "Architecture", which was carried out to prepare students specialty "the restoration and reconstruction of the architectural heritage" appropriate topics course and diploma projects. This work was conducted under the direction of Professor MAAM, an experienced practitioner in the field of restoration of monuments in Kyrgyzstan Imankulova DD Work Department RRAN close to production as specific profession involves a close relationship of the educational process with the practical work on the study and restoration of monuments. The Department has a branch in RRAN SRDI "Kyrgyzrestavratsiya" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, where the educational and practical training of students of the department.
      Each year, students who have completed the first course, go to the tonnage practice g.Og, Uzgen, Safed-Bulan, where he met with the unique architectural monuments.
      The basis of the teaching staff are experienced in the restoration of the architectural heritage: Imankulov DD, Merkulov, S., Filatov, TA, AA Voronin In addition, the department has first graduates: Katkov, NS, Imankulov MD, as well as other specialists.
     During the work of the department, students participated in many national and international competitions, trainings and seminars, which received diplomas and certificates. In 2012, a young lecturer, Akylbekov K., participated in the seminar Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in Florence.
     Currently, the department has: Professor, Doctor of Architecture Imankulov JD, PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor - Filatova TA, three senior teachers and five teachers.
     Since 2012, the department moved to a two-tier system of higher education in the directions: (750 300) Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage, and (571 200) Museology and protection of cultural heritage, to prepare an academic bachelor's and master's degrees, according to the state educational standard.