"Descriptive Geometry and Construction Graphics" chair the oldest chair of university, with the good traditions, the settled principles, rich pedagogical experience and an efficient and friendly staff.
The chair is founded in 1969, as a result of separation from FPI Grafika chair.
Having begun work with 8 teachers, chair number in 1985 made 21 persons. The senior teacher Isaak Shamovich Levinger (1969 – 71y. was the first manager of chair.) From 1971 to 1973 chair the senior teacher Omurkulov Murza Omurkulovich managed. And from 1973 to 1985 chair the senior teacher Isaak Shamovich Levinger again managed.
Since 1985 to the present chair the Honoured worker of formation of KR, Cand.Tech.Sci., professor Tusupbekova K.I. manages.  Nowadays at chair work: professor, Cand.Tech.Sci.;  associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci.;  acting associate professor, phd.;  associate professor;  three acting associate professors;  four senior teachers and six teachers (staff of the department).
Lifting of economy of Kyrgyzstan demands renewal old and developments of new industries and construction. One of the main conditions of the solution of this problem is security of all productions with the trained competent experts for which preparation a highly qualified pedagogical personnel is necessary. In 2005 the chair began preparation of such shots in "Vocational training on branches" which graduates will get worthy psikhologo-a pedagogical and vocational education that will provide them opportunity to prove and in a field professional and pedagogical. In 2008 the chair is renamed and now carries the name "Vocational Training and Graphics" (POIG). The chair conducts big educational and methodical work. Teachers of chair developed, published and republished over 100 names of methodical development, the textbook in a state language "Syzma geometry", the Russian-Kyrgyz terminological dictionary which are used in educational process and during the independent works. The automated control of knowledge of students on subjects of descriptive geometry is developed and introduced in educational process. All this provides an individualization of educational process. The program, methodical instructions and tasks at the rate "Computer graphics" which is conducted in a computer class of chair for all students of university is developed.
Scientific work of chair devoted to problems of the higher school, including also psikhologo-pedagogical problems of training of specialists of vocational training.
Working programs and educational and methodical complexes on psikhologo-pedagogical disciplines are developed.  The diary of student teaching including the methodical management of student teaching is developed.  Educational and methodical recommendations to studying of disciplines "History of education and pedagogical thought", "Management of educational systems" are developed.
The chair conducts NIRS by results of which student's conferences are held.
The chair maintains close relations and cooperates with related chairs of the Kiev national university of construction and architecture, the Kazakh national technical university, the Southern Kazakhstan university of M. Auezov.  The chair branch in technical lyceum No. 95 with which cooperation on a contractual basis is carried out is open.
On chair advanced training courses of teachers of technical drawing and the fine arts "Traditional and computer graphics, FROM" are open.