The department  "Radio engineering and electronics"

The department  "Radio electronics and telecommunications" is letting-out department in KSUCTA by N. Isanov and carries out training of specialists in the field of radio electronics, particularly, in "The household radio-electronic equipment" and since 2012 began preparation of bachelors in the specialty "Technical operation of the transport radio-electronic equipment" (in the air, railway and motor transport). The set of entrants on this specialty began in 2011 at the first stage in college of  IIP. For short term of existence of chair release more than 250 engineers of a radio engineering profile who practically all are employed already took place and work at the various enterprises and the organizations of Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries.
Occupations with students conduct the highly skilled faculty, such as: winners of the State awards of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and equipment of the professor; Candidate of Technical Sciences Kamayev R. R., candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Orozaliyev M. Dzh. and associate professor Candidate of Technical Sciences Tolbayev L. K. Also occupations are conducted by associate professors, candidates of physical and mathematical sciences: Kaparov A.S. Osmonkanov A. M, Akchalov Sh. A. and associate professor Dzhusupov A.M. senior teachers Hmilevsky. senior-teacher  Park G. B., teacher Ernazarov K.K.
The department Almost most of teachers of the department were in due time graduate students or graduates of known and prestigious higher educational institutions and the scientific and technical centers of Leningrad, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Ryazan.
The department was created under the leadership of the winner of the State award of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and equipment Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Kamayev R. R. Since October, 2009 the graduate of the Ryazan radio engineering Institute associate professor Dzhusupov A.M. the highly qualified specialist , who has wide professional and life experience under the authority of educational and scientific process.
The department is equipped with two educational laboratories, the computer class, are available necessary quantity of educational and methodical literature, specialized periodicals, mostly from Russia.
For different passing of practice – educational, production and predegree the relevant contracts with leading enterprises and the organizations, as JSC Kyrgyztelekom, by the State teleradio corporation, Republican production association of radio relay highways, television and broadcasting, KR IFTPM NAS, with other organizations and the enterprises, including the private one’s too.