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The department of Management  is the all-university letting-out department which is let out preparation of managers on specialties: 521501 "Organization management" since 1992.
For the management to preparation of managers at the Kyrgyz architectural and construction institute on these specialties on December 15, 1994 on the basis of "Technology and Construction Organization" and "Economy and Management in Construction" departments the main (letting-out) Management in Construction department (MC) was created.
Since January 16, 1987.the decree of the President of KR KACI transformed in Kyrgyz Stateuniversity of Construction, Transport and Architecture (No. 11 decree of the president of 16.01.1998).
By the order of the rector for No. of February 7, 2005 of Management and Technology of construction production departments were united and the Technology and Management department is formed.
The order of the rector No. 1/83 of June 6, 2005 Technology and Management department divided into Management and Technology of construction production departments.
In 1993-97 I headed department Cand.Econ.Sci., professor Atantayev Istanbek Akmatovich, in 1997-98 - honourable professor Niyazov Shaukat Faizovich, 1998-2005 the head department was Dr.Econ.Sci., "The deserved economist of KR", professor Batyrkanov Zheenbek Mambetovich, since 2005 to the present Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor Derbisheva Elmira Dupenovna manages department.
The department carries out educational activity on the basis of the documents regulating all aspects of activity of department: "The provision on department", Educational state standards in the Management direction, graphics of the educational process approved by the rector of KSUCTA, instructions about the current certification of students, modular and rating system of an assessment of knowledge of students and implementation of projects "C" and "L".


Consists in formation of high professional and personal qualities competitive, erudite, creatively and innovatively conceiving, able to realize the knowledge and skills of experts in the field of management (management) in market economy on a basis:
- Quality ensuring educational process;
- Introductions of progressive technologies and training techniques;
- Active conducting scientific researches in the field of economy and management;
- Stimulations of interest to creative, research work.


- high-quality training of specialists and masters demanded on labor market;
- creation of favorable and competitive image of department and let-out specialties;
- to achieve public recognition in questions of preparation of the highly professional, socially responsible expert demanded and competitive on a labor market;
- formation of feeling of participation, pride and corporate spirit of employees and students of department;
- ensuring continuous introduction of innovations in educational practice;
- use of traditional and nonconventional forms of the organization of educational work;
-  development of measures for motivation and stimulation of students to active participation in research work;
- development of fundamental and applied research works and research works of students on a commercial basis.


-  Preparation of bachelors, experts and masters demanded on labor market on the basis of strategic partnership with employers;
-  Participation in formation of uniform educational space of faculty of economy and management and other educational institutions as in the republic, and abroad;
- Providing high professional and methodical level of training, introduction of progressive educational technologies in training process;
- Organization of active search perspective and demanded by economy of the republic and organizations of subjects of research works and research works of students, ensuring participation in them of employees and students of department;

Structure of Managment's department 

Derbisheva Elmira Dupenovna
head of the department "Management", Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor
Phone: +996-312-549563
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Educational process and scientific activity in department carry out:



The message duty is assigned to department all main disciplines on a department profile: "Management", "Strategic management", "Human resource management", "Innovative management", "Quality management", etc. for faculty of economy and management, Institute of new information technologies (specialty Applied informatics (in management) and for all specialties of university (see the list of the consolidated disciplines).
Since 2012 the Management chair carries out preparation of bachelors and masters in the Management direction 580200 according to educational standards of the third generation.
Training terms – 4 years (bachelor)
2 years (master)
5 years (remote)
Profiles and specializations:
Organization management (in construction)
• Advertizing management
• Management in municipal economy

Educational and methodical work of department is carried out, according to the plan of educational methodical works on the following directions:
- participation in development of standards of the 3rd generation in the Management direction;
-development and the approval of the working curriculum according to new standards;
- development of educational and methodical complexes with a package of the relevant documents on the disciplines consolidated to department;
- development of thesyllabus;
- preparation and edition of methodical instructions for students and teachers of all types to occupations;
- testing automation for intermediate and total control of students;
- development of methodical instructions and tasks to performance course and theses;
- introduction in educational process of new technologies of training;
- ensuring educational process with highly skilled teaching structure.
21 disciplines are assigned to department for specialties of all university, and for the specialties "Organization Management", "Public and Municipal Administration", "Public relations" - 71 disciplines.On each discipline of chair educational and methodical complexes are developed. For distance learning the complete sets of educational and methodical complexes included in electronic base are prepared.
In department research works on the directions are performed: "Improvement of a control system by a construction complex in the conditions of relation's market", "Development of housing construction", "Improvement of system of the public and municipal administration in KR", "A role and a place of public relations in system of management of the organization".
The analysis of a condition of a control system by a construction complex is carried out to KR, other branches of economy and public administration as a whole.
The department of Management faculty actively are engaged scientific in research activity. Teachers of department carry out scientific research work with students on specialty problems.
Financially – technical base
The department of "Management" possesses lecture audiences and computer a class, the equipped computers, having Internet access, multimedical other equipment, the printer and the scanner. All this allows students to seize modern knowledge and to receive profound preparation on the specialty.


Professional development of teachers and employees

1. The courses "Macroeconomic" at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economy and Forecasting (KIMEF) Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) 1998
2. Seminar "The management focused on quality", organized by the Japanese Center in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek). September, 1998
3. Seminar "Business planning" and "Tourism development", (Bishkek) organized by the World Bank. September, 1999.          
4. Seminar "Management of innovations" at Management Academy at the President KR organized by the Russian Academy of Business (Moscow). March, 2000       
5. Seminar "Strategy and managements of the enterprises in the conditions of the market", organized by the Japanese Center in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek). September, 2000.
6. The courses "Administrative Economy" at the Resource Network on Economic and the Business to Education (RSEBO) organized by the American Agency on the International Development (USAID) and Carana Corporation. (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan). 2001.
7. Training in the direction: "Management of Human Resources" at the Center of preparation and retraining of civil servants at Management Academy at the President of the Territory of 2004.
3 .The international Summer School in the "Innovative Methods of Introduction of Corporate Governance" direction. (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan). June, 2010.




The training courses, the department carried out by the employees
The course "Effective Management", the KGUSTA Engineering and pedagogical center, 2 times a year.

  • From September 15 to September 18, 2021, students of KSUSTA named after N. Isanov, including a student of gr. MO-1-20 Turarbekova Aidai, took part in the V Asian Student Forum of the Association of Asian Universities "Kyrgyzstan - Asia 2021", which was held on the basis of the Kyrgyz National University. J. Balasagyn (Lake Issyk-Kul).

            The forum was held under the auspices of the Association of Asian Universities with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Federal Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo" and was organized in the following thematic areas:

  • Education without Borders: Lessons from the Pandemic and New Opportunities.
  • Scientific and innovative breakthrough into the future
  • Intercultural dialogue in the era of new media. Russia and the Turkic World: the View of the Youth of the Greater Altai Countries.
  • Leader of the digital world of the XXI century: the time of the young.
  • Social projecting in the youth environment.

The forum was attended by about 200 students from 25 universities of Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan.

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  • September 18, 2021 students of gr. MO-1-21, gr. MB-1-21 and gr. MOe-1-21 and the teachers of the department held a clean-up day in the adjacent territory of KSUCTA within the framework of the global ecological civil action "World Day of Cleanliness".

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From September 23 to September 27, 2021 teachers of the Department of Management Kuregenova D.A., Aitbaeva N.K., Arstanbek E. and Attokurova A.A. took part in the Psychological Training Program for Women Teachers at Central Asian Universities within the framework of the project: “Study of stress factors among women teachers in distance learning in the context of COVID-19: the case of Central Asian countries”, conducted by the EDNET educational center.

From October 7 to November 4, 2021, employees of the Department of Management take part in the international educational movement "Cyber-educator" on the topic: "Soft skills" for a strict teacher".

October 22, 2021 Students of KSUSTA them. N. Isanova held within the walls of the university a large-scale event Enactus day at KSUSTA (Enactus is a business community of students, entrepreneurs and teachers. The event was attended by the leadership of KSUSTA and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

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  • Curators of 1-3 courses in the direction of "Management" as part of a large-scale vaccination campaign against COVID-2019: from October 4 to 8, 2021, they spent curatorial hours with students and their parents on the topic: "Vaccinate, protect yourself and your loved ones

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