Chair «Information systems and technologies»

The chair «Information systems and technologies» (IST) has been created in 2001, is one of letting out chairs KGUSTA and prepares experts, bachelors and masters in directions:
· 552802 - Information systems and technologies, at the internal form of training of 5 years, at correspondence - 6 years, at дистантной-5let. Qualification of graduates - the engineer. Specialisations of graduates: «Information systems in business», «Information systems in customs business», «Information systems in a banking».
· «Information systems and technologies» with assignment of the academic degree - the bachelor, training term - 4 years.
· 552800 - «Computer science and computer facilities». The academic qualifying degree: the bachelor of technics and technology, at the internal form of training 4th years.
· 552800 «Computer science and computer facilities», on the master to the program 552807 - the Database. Training term under the internal form - 2 years.
· «Information systems and technologies» with assignment of the academic degree - the master, training term - 2 years.

Chair " IST " is included into a network of Universities of the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation on preparation of masters in a direction «Computer science and computer facilities» with possibility of training, training of masters in the countries SHOS and receptions of the diploma recognised in these countries. All graduates of chair can continue the training in magistracy УШОС.

(Staff of the department ) >>
The given directions, according to the international classification, correspond to the general direction of preparation Computer Science which are most prestigious and highly paid abroad.
Educational process provides the highly skilled faculty which part has passed training in International Educational centre «АРТЕСН»  (Bangalore, India). ().
Graduates of chair " IST " are claimed on a labour market both in our Republic, and behind its limits and work in bank system, in business sphere, and also in many branches of a national economy of our country and за рубежом.
ППС chairs conduct works under state budgetary projects, project DAAD, on Kyrgyzsko - the French faculty of information-communication technologies, the Kyrgyzsko-Indian faculty of computer engineering.
Together with the joint venture «Computer facilities and automation Means» chair "IST" branch that has allowed to involve experts of-experts in preparation of highly skilled and competent experts in information technologies and systems is opened.
Scientific directions of chair are: «Modelling of systems and processes», «the Automated control systems», «Neural networks». Students of chair are widely involved in scientifically - research projects that allows them to fix theoretical knowledge in practice, to get skills.
Advantage trained on chair «Information systems and technologies» are: possibility of reception wide компетенций on IT technologies, possibility of training abroad (India, France, Germany), reception of additional knowledge in contact with foreign IT experts in a training current in ИНИТ КГУСТА.

                                                                                       Responsible person: Abdyeva S.K.