The department of “Mechanics”

1Head of the department is Mohamedi Dadyevich Kutuev, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of Engineering Academy of KR,  Honoured Education Worker.
The department of “Mechanics” aimed to train engineering & technical specialists in construction, transport, architecture and hydro technical directions. The department is focused to improve students  knowledge, teaching them such subjects as, Theoretical mechanics, Material resistance, Construction mechanics, Elasticity and elasticity theory and other special disciplines through bachelor and master programs. It was organized on the basis of two departments in 2006-2007 yy. and accepted students on specialty –554102.01. «Engineering systems of agricultural water-supply engineering, irrigation and drainage systems” and master program  - direction 554100 - «Nature development».  



 The department staff consists of  18 persons: doctor, professor-1, PhD, associate professors-6, senior teachers -7 and teachers -7 and support personnel -3 .
Educational-methodical work of the department is focused to improve teaching methods, to identify and train students through bachelor and master programs.  The methodical guidance, syllabus worked out for all types of lecture, laboratory and practical subjects.
Scientific direction of the department “Mechanics” started under the supervision of prof. Mohamedi Dadyevich Kutuev «Working out scientific basis of reliability for residential construction» since 2006-2007 up today. Projects «Antiseismic construction, protection of buildings  and constructions from natural and protection of buildings  catastrophes» and “Working out scientific basis of seismic stability and  reliability for residential and hydro technical constructions” in 2009-2011. Last decade, under Mohamedi Dadyevich Kutuev’s leadership successfully awarded several post graduate students their Ph.D.  The department “Mechanics” has scientific-research links with following organizations and enterprices: State commitee on water economy and melioration, Govening board of Ltd «Kyrgyzsuudolboor», Chui state reservuar management of water economy, State water inspection, Meliorative hydrogeological expedition,  Kyrgyz SRI of irrigation, Project-engineering and technological institute “Waterautomatics and metrology and others. On the basis of these agreements department “Mechanics”  does  educational and scientific collaborative works and participate in different  international projects.  

Staff of department has been working on improvement of their professional skills and scientific potential.  They work hard on their scientific reseach works and publish scientific articles at conferences, seminars. To improve qualification staff passed different certification courses and received various certificates.  For example:«Internal audit of quality management system", «The advanced statistics», "Econometriсs", «Applied economy», "Public finances", «Work bases in AutoCad 2006», «Competency approaches in design of educational programs», «The organization of educational activity of students (classroom and independent student work)», «Strategic management and quality of management at higher education institution», «Management of projects and  technique of scientific applied researches», «Modern methods of an assessment of results of education», «Application of geoinformation systems in water resources management», «Bologna Process and credit system», «Development of projects on grants», «Managements of projects» (2006-2011) and etc.The department is equipped with specialized classrooms and laboratories: 404  and “Material resistance” laboratory - 113, computer class “Virtual melioration lab”, two laboratories at Kyrgyz SRI of irrigation (filial of the department),  intended for providing educational-research works.
Staff of the department holds huge work on bringing up new generation,  which aims to promote educational, scientific, cultural-mass, sport-recreational events of students and acquire business qualities with their specialty.