History of department "Organization of Safe Information Systems"

Department “Informatics of the and Production Automation (IPA)" was created in 2000, for implementation of the developed concept of the Academic Council of KSUCTA "Continuous preparation of students of all specialties, the based on profound studying higher and applied mathematics, informatics, and also computer technology in educational process". On the basis of this department the specialty 650006 "Complex ensuring information security of the automated systems" is open in 2002 and set on 1 course in number of 38 people is made and the same year IPA department is transformed on department “Organization of Safe Information Systems”.
There are the state educational standard of higher education in the specialty 650006 "Complex ensuring information security of the automated systems", approved by the Ministry of Education and Cultures of KR, by order of 04.02.2004, №74/1 and working curriculum of this specialty, the coordinated MEC of KR and KSUCTA approved by rector. Working curriculum conforms to the state educational standard (Staff of the department).

Educational and methodical work

             Only 209 students are trained at thedepartment “Organization of Safe Information Systems” on specialty "Complex ensuring information security of the automated systems" at present time. The set is carried out only in 2002.              
Educational process is carried out according to schedule made and approved prior to the beginning of academic year, and contains all types of works provided by state standard specification.  Teaching structure gives lessons according to approved as individual plans.
For high-quality course of educational process department has the relevant data.  According to state educational standard and the working curriculum working programs are made on each discipline, working programs are discussed and approved at faculty meetings at the beginning of 2002-2006 academic years.                              
For improvement of quality of training of specialists by department special software packages are developed or acquired on use of the computer equipment for carrying out practical and laboratory researches on special disciplines.
Thedepartment “Organization of Safe Information Systems” conducts constantly work on introduction in educational process of new literature and to creation of electronic versions of educational and methodical literature. Students of specialty "Complex ensuring information security of the automated systems" use funds of the electronic library created in INIT where students have access to libraries of universities of the developed countries and to the MESI and KSUCTA electronic library in which there are more than 4000 thousand electronic versions of textbooks. 12 methodical developments were published by teachers of department during its functioning.
The accounting of attendance of lessons by students is carried out by heads of groups and teachers conducting lessons. Control is regularly carried out by curators, head of department, directors and educational management of university. Percent of progress averages 72%.
Progress of students is removed and discussed at faculty meeting after each semester.  

Organizational and educational work

All staff of department “Organization of Safe Information Systems” takes active part in organizational and educational work of students.
Plans of organizational and educational work of department and institute as a whole are developed every year.
For increase of efficiency of educational work and attendance of students supervised groups are assigned to all teachers. Each curator has the concrete plan of educational work.
Wall newspapers issued by students and various events devoted to holidays are held.
Questions of attendance, progress and elimination of debts on study and on payment for training, and also other current questions are considered in regularly spent curator hours.
“Lieder” fitness center is created numbering about 30 various exercise machines, 3 tables of table tennis and other sports equipments for trainings and maintenance of good level of physical preparation in INIT.
Discounts on contract payment from 25% to 75% depending on relationship status, and also successful examination and offsets are provided to students.

Research activity

Research work of department is connected with implementation of the program in direction "Application of Information Technologies in Branches of National Economy".
Under the leadership of the department head of “Organization of Safe Information Systems” Abdulayev A A.  conducted budgetary Research Work on the theme "Automated Ecologically Safe Water — and Energy Saving Systems of Irrigating Complex of a Foothill Zone" was conducted in 2003-2005.  The performer was Turar Aliya.  Results of researches are contributed in the form of the final report on Research Work to fund of State agency on science and intellectual property of KR.
From 2006 (for a period of 3 years) under the leadership of the department head
Abdullaev A.A. state budgetary Research Work is carried out on theme "Information System and Economic-mathematical modeling of the Mechanism of Economic and Economic Relationship of the Water Management and Agricultural Organizations in conditions of Market Economy". Performers: teachers Borubayev M. Ch. Kamchybekova B. S., Tonuyev G. I. graduate student Turar Aliya. On department Research Works are conducted in the following directions also:
a)  The automated information systems managements of an irrigating complex of Kyrgyz Republic. (Abdullaev A.A. Borubayev M. Ch.) ;
b) GIS-technology application in optimum placement of irrigating network and agricultural structures on natural and economic zones. (Abdullaev A.A. Kamchibekova B. S.);
c) Research of features of information security of banking systems of Kyrgyz Republic. (Abdullaev A.A. Zemlyansky A.A. Turar Aliya.)
The main results of research and scientific and methodical work are published in 20 articles. Members of department regularly make scientific reports at various International and Republican conferences and seminars. On department Turar Aliya is the graduate student of resident instruction and works over the master's thesis.

Material – technical base

Computer class 1/404 equipped with 12 computers of new model and modern software is assigned to department “Organization of Safe Information Systems”
All laboratory lessons on informatics, programming, by DBMS, to modeling of systems, information systems are given in this computer hall.  Practical and laboratory lessons on design of systems, technical means and information security methods, are carried out with use of the special software packages developed by teachers of department or acquired from other sources. 

International cooperation of department

Department closely cooperates with faculty of Moscow engineering and physical institute (Technical University) and of Tomsk University of control systems and radio electronics which are leading Higher education institutions of the Russian Federation in direction “Information security”.
Department exchanges with these Higher education institutions with letters for the purpose of conclusion of agreement on joint educational activity in present time.