The history of the department


The department “Production and expertize of building materials, articles and constructions” was formed as a graduating department on the 1st of September 1971. The initiator of this organization and first chief of the department was Savelov I.G., honored Builder of Kyrgyz Republic, candidate of technological sciences, professor. From 1981 till 1990 the chief of the department was Professor Mavlyanov A.S., now he’s a chairman of NAC. In 1990-2001 the chief of the department was Abdykalykov A.A., doctor of technical sciences, professor, and rector of KSUCTA. From 2002 the duties of the chief fulfilled Assakunova B.T., candidate of technical sciences, professor, and from 2005 till now she is a chief of this department.
Since 2017   candidate  technological sciences the associate manages department Abdyraimov J. A. and since 2018 the department associate is headed by candidate of tehnical sciences. Associate of Bolotov T.T.
Professor-teaching staff of the department consists of 15 people, including 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 acting assistant professor, 2 senior teacher, 3 teachers and 2 lecturer.

The first graduation of engineers- builders- technologists was in 1972. During the past years 1000 engineers were trained, who work now in Kyrgyzstan and outside it. Among graduators of the department 15 people defended their candidate dissertations, and graduators Abdykalykov A.A., Saduakasov M.S. and Kasymova M.T. defended doctorate dissertations. Organization and planning of teaching work is doing according to the curriculum of profiles “Organization of building materials, articles and constructions” and “Expertize and management of real estate “ on direction 750500 “ Construction”, worked out according to the standard plan and corresponding to profile directions, at fulfilling it the results of students’ scientific- research works are used. Complex course projects are developing into works. Lectures on all disciplines, appointed to the department are conducted by leading professors and assistant professors: Abdykalykov A.A., Abdyraimov J.A., Assakunova B.T.,Dshusupova M.A., Bolotov T.T., Omurbekov I.K., Mederbekov R.A. Laboratory and practical classes are conducted by teachers and scientific workers of the department.
Since 2006- 2007 the department has been affirmed as a graduating on specialty “Expertize and management of real estate”. The department has a laboratory, supplied with modern experimental equipment and has accredited according to State Standard LIO for S/ IEC 17025- 2000 to carrying out tests of building production.
The department has a license to train bachelors, engineers and masters, aspirants of corresponding directions and specialties too. To conduct laboratory- practical classes such branches of the department as “Tash Temir”, Kyrgyz CISC and ED, “Home construction service”, “TestStroi” CISC “ Kum-Shagyl” were formed. Great attention is paid to development and introduction of state language into academic process. Were established: a textbook “Mineraldyk chaptashturguch zattar” ( Abdykalykov A.A., Assakunova B.T.), a dictionary of construction terms( Abdykalykov A.A.), published and ready for printing methodical textbooks and instructions on making course and diploma works (Assakunova B.T., Abdyraimov J.A., «Construction product and desing produce», «Betondor and avtoklav product» if detail  7, 8,9 laboratory works»  (Abdykalykov A.A., Assakunova B.T., Kochkorova Z.B., Marrazykova B.B.), “Silicate chemistry”, a course of lectures. ), to publication preparing a book and “Materil vedenie”) Abdykalykov A.A. is Assakynova B.T, Omurbekov I.K.


The staff

Organizational- educational work

      Educational work is carried out to keep traditions and regulations of the University, to participate in public, organizational and cultural activities, to educate all-round intellectual specialists.


All activity on organizational and educational work is reflected in plans and journals of curators, where given all information about students for the whole period of studying. The department accomplishes control of attendance, progress of students, which is reflected in journals at the department. At meetings of the department curators report on results of examination terms, discuss course and diploma projects, educational and practical trainings of students.

The teachers of the department hold general themes meetings of students carry out educational-research works, excursions to leading enterprises of the brunch. On the initiative of graduators they hold meetings with students to make contracts for getting jobs in future. Students take an active part in public life, organizational, cultural and sport arrangements of the university. They participate in the work of Youth center of UCTA, in Student’s council of the hostel, in sport competitions among High schools, visit theaters, museums and exhibitions. Our students participate in all universiades of the university at all kinds of sports. For example, students Bazarbekov B., Almazbekov A., 3rd course students play football (2015- 2016). Masalbekov Ramis (EMRE-1-15) participated in the song contest. Kamalov R. SH. (EMRE-1-16) participates in the World Nomadie Games.

Educational-methodical work

The staff of Department conducts classes on special disciplines for profiles “Production of building materials, articles and constructions” and “Expertize and management of real estate”.
The total number of educational hours at the department is 8000 hours, 1300 are lectures. Average number of educational hours of a teacher is 855 hours.
As the department is basic in KR at training engineers on direction 750500 “Construction”, state educational standards of basic professional education in training masters and bachelors were worked out.  Working educational plans on profiles of the department were worked out.
During the last 5 years 50 methodical instructions to laboratory and practical lessons were worked out. 15 are ready to publish.


Published text-books:

  • Monograph “ Energy effective ceramic brick made from local row resources”( Abdykalykov A.A., Assakunova B.T., Bolotov T.T., Zholbolduev P.B.),Bishkek 2011, 9.5 p/s;
  • text-book “Technology of mineral astringents”(Assakunova B.T., Omurbekov I.K.), Bishkek 2012, 9.8 p/s;
  • text-book”Chemistry of silicates.”(Abdykalykov A.A., AssakunovaB.T., Marazykova B.B.,Kochkorova Z.) Bishkek 2012, 5.25 p/s;
  • monograph “Working out of recipe and technology ceramic tiles production from local raw materials.”(Abdykalykov A.A., Dzhusupova M.A., Atahodzhaev Sh.H.) Bishkek 2012, 7.2 p/s;
  • methodical text-book “Mineral astringents”,1,2 parts( Assakunova B.T., Omurbekov I.K.,Mederbekov R.A.) Bishkek 2012, 6.5 p/s;
  • methodical text-book “ Projecting of general plans of enterprises of constructional industry and building materials” (Abdykalykov A.A., Accakunova B.T.) Bishkek 2013, 3.0 p/s;
  • monograph”Mixed low-clinker decorative cements and concrete on their base.”(Abdykalykov A.A., Assakunova B.T., Imanalieva D.A.) Bishkek 2014.

               -        monograph "Technology Bezobzhigovykhstenovykh of Materials of Moist Pressing" (authors A.A. Abdykalykov, J.A. Abdyraimov, T.A. Abdykalykov), Bishkek 2014.p/s;
-   monograph "Technology the Bezavtoklavnykh of Gas-concrete Products on Osnovekompozitsionny Knitting" (authors A.A. Abdykalykov, J.A., Abdyraimov,  S. J., Melibayev), Bishkek 2014 7,5p/s;
- manual “Material tanyy” authors Abdykalykov A.A., assakunova B.T., Omurbekov I.K. Bishkek, 2018

Training of scientific-pedagogical specialists


 Purposeful training of specialists has been doing since first years of department forming in order to improve educational, educational-methodical and scientific activity of it.

In early 70s of the past century training of scientific- pedagogical specialists and improving their qualification was doing at institutes and faculties of raising the level of skills, post- graduate courses and doctorate. In accordance with the plan prof. Abdykalykov A.A. improved his qualification skills in Kiev Polytechnic Institute; Assakunova B.T. – in MCTI. Abdykalykov A.A., Accakunova B.T. and Dzhusupova M.A. graduated from post-graduate courses and defended dissertations for candidate’ degree.
During the last 25 years since formation of CIS the department has been training specialists in conditions of its scientific laboratories, laboratories of plants and when it’s necessary outside the republic.


In the result 11 candidates and 3 doctors of technical sciences were trained by prof. Abdykalykov A.A. and 6- by prof. Assakunova B.T. Improvement of professional skills is fulfilled at the departments of Gorarhstroi, Kyrgyz SISC and ED, in leading enterprises ( Kant cement- slate plant, brick plants in Belovodskoe, ferroconcrete plants, house- building plants, etc.)

Chief of the laboratory Bolotov T.T. studied at the courses at Kyrgyzstandard and got a certificate. According to the contract with a company “Alina”. Abdyraimov J.A. Omurbekov I.K took courses and got certificates on methodology of use its production. A contract is made with the aim of introduction in educational process peculiarities of production technology and use of decorative materials of the company, i.e. the department conducts practical classes on the discipline “Building materials”.
The teachers of the department Abdykalykov A.A., Abdyraimov J.A., Assakunova B.T., Dzhusupova M.A., Bolotov T.T., A.,Omurbekov I.K. have certificates of the “personal certificate center”. Now they participate in the process of building materials certification. Bolotov is a member of Central certification committee. The laboratory of the department carries out control of equipment and instruments in Central Kyrgyz standard and gets renewed certificates annually.
Since 2011 a contract on cooperation with CLR” KNAUF Gypsum Kapchygai” wasmade, and
“KNAUF-KSUCTA”consulting center was open.
Annually this organization conducts seminars for teachers and students and gives them certificates on use of materials of this company.
Bolotov T.T. took part in an international conference  (III). “Academy of Knauf Sight info thr future of disital learning”. Kazan 2018.



International cooperation of the department

Since first years of its establishing the department keeps in touch with related departments of constructional higher schools of CIS countries, that means training scientific- pedagogical specialists , conducting joint scientific researches, organization of international scientific- technical conferences, work on probation , joint publications.
For example, Professor Mavlyanov A.C., rector BFAE at post graduate courses and defended his dissertation for competition for doctor of technical sciences in Leningrad engineer- construction Institute; prof.Assakunova studied at Novocherkask Polytechnic Institute; Abdykalykov A.A. and Dzhusupova M.A. studied at Odessa engineer- construction Institute.
In formation of the department, choosing scientific problems and creation of scientific base scientists with worldwide names in this brunch took part: acad. Bozhenov P.I., Bazhenov U.M., Voznesenskii V.A., Zubehin A.P., Kuznetsova T.V., Hrulev V.V. and others.
Together with Bozhenov P.I., Voznesenskii and Rotych N.V. monographs were issued. Scientific articles of members of the department are published in leading scientific magazines of CIS countries, collected articles of OISI, KazASA, SibStrin,TashCTI, etc.
Scientific- technical conferences are held with the participation of scientists of CIS countries: Hrulev V.V., Solovjev V.I., Saibulatov S.S., Iskandarova M., Atokuziev T.A. and others. Rector of KSUCTA, a member of the department Abdykalykov A.A. is a member of Board Presidium of International Association of constructional higher schools of CIS countries and takes an active part in working out educational standards in training bachelors, diploma specialists and masters on direction “Construction”. He is also Chairman of Dissertation Council; the member of NAC of KR. Rector of KSUCTA realizes collaboration with Royal Technological Institute (Sweden- Stockholm), Salzburg Technical University(Austria), Nice University- Sofia Antipolis (France), Frewsburg Mining and Technology Academy . The members of the department take an active part in international scientific- technical conferences: Abdykalykov A.A. (Seismology seismic resistant construction; Switzerland, Geneva, 2006), on a project of PDOUN (Landslides and technology of safe construction, Bishkek, 2006), Advancement of safe construction strategy, Dushanbe, 2006), on a project of ISTC (Working out of basalt fibrous wares technology on the base of local raw materials, Bishkek, 2006); Assakunova B.T. (International scientific- technical conference ”Perfection of building materials and constructions quality”, Novosibirsk,2005),(13th International seminar ATAM “Building and decoration materials”, Standard of the XXI century, Novosibirsk, 2006), (International scientific- practical conference ”Contemporary state of physic- technical problems and materials science”, dedicated to the 60 years of academician of NAN KR doctor of technical sciences prof. Zhumaliev, Bishkek, 2015); Dzhusupova M.A. , Atahodshaev Sh.H.(45th International seminar on modeling and optimization of composites, Odessa); Abylov S.A.(SEFI conference ”Occasion of the SEFI annual conference”,2015, conference “Results of the 2nd stage project QUEECA TEMPUS realization”, Florence, Italy, 2015, conference on creation of Federation on engineering of Central Asia education, Tadzhikistan, 2015);
Abdyraimov J.A. (6th International scientific- practical conference – contest of students and young scientists reports “Innovative technologies and advanced resolutions”, dedicated to 60th anniversary of doctor of technical sciences, prof. academician of NA of sciences of KR Zhumaliev K.M. and 10th anniversary of the University, Bishkek, 2016), Assakunova B.T. , Abdyraimov J.A., Dzhusupova M.A., Bolotov T.T., Omurbekov I.K., Tairova A.A., Abduldaeva A.K., Bostonova K.T. (International scientific- practical conference “Innovations in construction of transport buildings: formation, problems and perspectives”, dedicated to 60th anniversary of prof. doctor of technical sciences Kartanbaev R.S.,Bishkek, 2016.)

Scientific- research work

Scientific direction of the department is connected with a problem of construction industry of the republic and introduction into production resource saving technologies of competitive, import replaced ecologically clean building materials, articles and constructions from local raw materials and industry wastes. Researches are done by stage and in several directions:
Investigation of new types of (traditional and nontraditional) local raw materials and industry wastes and research of their characteristics to widen source of raw materials of building materials( Abdykalykov A.A., Abdraimov J.A.,  Assakunova B.T., Dzhusupova M.A., Abylov S.A., Bolotov T.T., Omurbekov I.K., Tairova A.A., Abdyldaeva A.K., Tekbaeva E.E.
1. Optimization of raw materials charge structure and main physic- mechanical properties of building materials of different purpose by method of mathematic- statistic modeling. (Abdykalykov A.A., Abdyraimov J. A.,  Bolotov T.T.,Dzhusupova M.A.)
2. Design of theoretical basis of technology and physic - chemical processes of structural mixed nonorganic astringents from local raw materials. (Abdykalykov A.A., Assakunova B.T., Omurbekov I.K., Tairova A.A., Abdyldaeva A.K.)
3. Research of capabilities in using nontraditional types of raw materials and design of resource saving technologies of building materials of high temperature treatment. ( Abdykalykov A.A.,Assakunova B.T., Dzhusupova M.A., Bolotov T.T., Omurbekov I.K., Tairova A.A.)
4. Design of theoretical basis of technology of heat- insulating materials articles for different purposes on the basis of raw materials.(Abdykalykov A.A., Abdyraimov J.A., Assakunova B.T., Bolotov T.T., Dzhusupova M.A., Omurbekob I.K.)10

The department has been doing conducts and holds scientific- research work following the course of ministry of education and science at the leadership of Prof. Abdykalykov. :
Project: Design of progressive technologies of multifunctional purpose ecologically and energetically effective composite materials production.”
Part 1. Complex use of carbonate containing natural materials and industry wastes in production of energy effective ecologically clean materials and articles for housing civil construction. (Assakunova B.T., Imanalieva D.A., Abdyldaeva A.K., Bostonova K.T.)
Part 2. Design of technologies in obtaining effective composite building materials of contact- condensate hardening. (Dzhusupova M.A., Tairova A.A.).
Part 3. Design of heat and sound insulating wall materials from celled concrete for seismic frame- monolith buildings. (Abdraimov J.A.)
Rector of KSUCTA, the member of the department, professor Abdykalykov A.A. is the leader of several international projects: training of bachelors and masters in “Geodesy and Geoinformatics” on educational grant signed in Stockholm in December 2005 is carried out.


Perspectives of the department

Perspective development of the department suggests carrying out by:
-in a way of wide involving to the activity of the department representatives of developed enterprises of the brunch through working offices of the department (Kyrgyz SISC and ED, large- panel construction, joint- stock company “Tash Temir”);
-making contracts with enterprises and departments on training specialists on directions: “Production of building materials and articles”, “Expertize and management of real estate”;


-renewing and expansion of web-site of the department;
-expansion of training working specialties;
-research opportunities to buy new equipment for surveying buildings and constructions;
-making contracts with brunch enterprises about testing imported and produced building products;
-increase innovation of the department by issuing ads projects on developed building products, display of molds and samples of new products and materials at exhibitions;
-providing advice to enterprises and juridical persons in questions of starting and getting right new enterprises , reconstruction of acting ones and improving product quality;
-preparation of projects, one of the most important educational problems of specialty and participating in contests held by sectoral departments, scientific and industrial organizations;
-preparation and publication of laboratory practical works, teaching aids, text-books on the basic disciplines of the specialty; increase of methodical equipment by publishing methodical works in state language and participation in preparation of terminological dictionary;


-creation of scientific and technological society of students, masters and post graduates of specialty;
-preparation and holding of annual scientific and technological conference of young scientists on the base of the department;
-participation at University, republican, international contests of students’ scientific and diploma works.





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