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Historical information: The Department was founded in 1967 at the Frunze Polytechnic Institute. Until 1979, the first head of the department was Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Surkov A.L., after until 2018 the head of the department was the Honored Education Worker of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor E. Boronbaev; Currently, the department is headed by master and PhD student, PhD., associate professor Abdyldaeva A.M. Under the supervision of Professor E.K. Boronbaev at the department E. Tokhlukova and Abdyldaev A.M graduate from master's and PhD programs, and became candidates of technical sciences. Yablonskaya N.A., Zhekshenbaev M.O. defended their dissertations, our graduates - Sankov V.I., Abramov B.V., Berdybaeva M.T. and Otorova S.T. Surkov A.L., Ananyeva N.M., Bichutsky M.M., Yablonskaya N.A., Kalashnikov N.I., Dementieva V.I., Boronbaev E.K., graduates, that made a great contribution to the development of the department, are Abramov B.V., Mamashev H.S., Dolgikh Z.I., Mironenko I.V., Ivanova L.A., Tentekova B.K., Tynaeva A.A., Uazhbekova R.M., Bekbaeva A .K., Abdyldaeva A.M. and Orozobekova A.Ch., as well as Mukhanova K.K., Omurbekov E.A. and etc.

The activities of the department. For 51 years of its activity, the Department has accumulated rich educational, scientific, methodological, research and innovative experience. Practical and scientifically oriented training programs for all three levels of higher education are currently being implemented, based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

The friendly, dynamic and creatively-minded staff of the department showed an effective level of application of high professional potential for the preparation of: a) bachelors in two profiles; b) Masters of Science in three modern educational programs; c) PhD doctors; d) candidates of technical sciences; e) doctors of technical sciences.

The department has a doctoral of science, three postgraduate students, two of them from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, a PhD student and 35 undergraduates. It represents KSUCTA at the inter-university dissertation council in the person of Professor E.K. Boronbaev and associate professor A.M. Abdyldaeva.

Over the past 15 years, the department has obtained high national and international authority as a national coordinator and main executor of 5 TEMPUS projects and 2 Erasmus Mundus projects, participated in 6 international educational and investment projects. The department established fruitful cooperation with leading partner universities from Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and others. The department has a lot of friends and colleagues from these countries who love us and cooperate with us. They have visited the department more than once; they have read more than 20 guest lectures for teachers, graduate and undergraduates students and bachelor students. Members of the department Boronbaev E.K., Abdyldaeva A.M., Bekbaeva A.K., Kolenova L.I., Mukhanova K.K., Soldatova A.M., Orozobekova A.Ch., Zhyrgalbaeva N.M., Zinin D.I., Akhmetov M.D received more than two national and international training certificates. They are the authors of scientific monographs and articles, methodological developments. Boronbaev E.K., Abdyldaeva, A.M., Tokhlukova E.O., Orozobekova A.Ch., Mukhanova K.K. and Akhmetov M.D. developed and implemented training programs in English; Graduates from China prepared and defended master thesis in English.

The staff of the department include doctors of technical sciences, professor Boronbaev E.K., Ph.D., associate professor Abdyldaeva A.M., Ph.D. and associate professor E. Tokhlukova Senior Teachers: Bekbaeva A.K., Kolenova L.I., Masters of Science Mukhanova K.K., Soldatova A.M., Orozobekova A.Ch. and Zinin D.I .; teachers, masters of sciences Akhmetov M.D. and Zhyrgalbaeva N.M .; Head of laboratory B. Zhakypova, aspirant student, master of sciences Kholmatov K.N. from the Khujand Polytechnic Institute of Tajikistan, aspirant student of distance learning engineer Kalbagaeva E.O. from the Research Institute "Almatygenplan", Almaty. Among the students are young people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Pakistan.
The Department Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation has the following educational programs:

A. Bachelor’s degree:

1. “Heat, gas supply and ventilation” (direction “Construction”).

2. “Alternative energy sources” (direction “Power engineering and electrical engineering”)
Б. Master’s degree:

1. “Microclimate supply systems for buildings and constructions” (direction “Construction”).

2. “Renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings” (direction “Construction”). The program was developed under the project of the European Union (EU) TEMPUS-530793 together with Lund University (Lund, Sweden), University of Innsbruck (Innsbruck, Austria) and Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn, Estonia).

3. “Industrial ecology and rational use of natural resources” (direction “Technosphere safety”). The program was developed under the EU project TEMPUS-26170 jointly with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden) and the Tallinn University of Technology (Tallinn, Estonia).

4. “Heat and gas supply to populated areas and enterprises” (direction “Construction”). The program was developed and implemented in accordance with the agreement with an employers of the department - PAO Gazprom-Kyrgyzstan. It is harmonized with a similar programs of leading universities in Russia to ensure the academic mobility of undergraduates and teachers.

C. PhD studies: "Renewable energy and environmental technologies."

The program was developed under the EU project TEMPUS-510952 jointly with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden), Delft University (Delft, Netherlands) and the Catalan Polytechnic University (Barcelona, Spain).

D. Postgraduate studies: specialty 05.23.03 - Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting.


The department has the Industrial Ecology Center, a computer class and a laboratory equipped with modern instruments and its own specialized library of publications in English. They are created with the support of sponsors and international projects of the department. Many of our students are members of the National Dance Group Usta and the Talent Academy folk ensemble; activists and athletes. A number of excellent students became laureates of N. Isanov, D.I. Mendeleev and etc. scholarships.

Partners and sponsors. The department actively cooperates on agreements base with energy and architectural, and construction companies, organizations and firms. Among them are LLC “Gazprom Kyrgyzstan”, “National Energy Holding”, OJSC “Electric Stations”, LLC “Tansu”, LLC “Taza Aba Kurulush”, state enterprise “Tokmok Heat Supply Enterprise”, LLC “Tissa”, LLC “Empire of Climate”, state enterprise “ Kyrgyzteploenergo ”(with 25 branches in all areas of the Kyrgyz Republic), KP“ Bishkekteploenergo ”, LLC“ Promventilyatsiya ”, LLC “Spetsenergomontazh”, OJSC “ Bishkekteploset”, Public Fund “Fluid”.


To the entrant. In different years, the following students studied at the department: Stella and Fiya from the Lund University of Sweden, Marcel from the University of Marburg Germany, Lisa from the University of Zurich Switzerland; volunteered professors Hade and Tash from the USA; studied in Stockholm Kamila; in Moscow Temirbek, Gulsara, Zhyldyz and Ayday; the winners of the competitions traveled to Barcelona Nazgul; to Novosibirsk Anton, Ainagul and Ayday. Our graduates Vitaliy and Bela set up a company, live and work in Vancouver, Canada. Think about your successful future, maybe happiness, is connected with energy. Give people a higher standard of living, comfort, health. In the future, the cost of any type of energy will increase both your prestige in society and income too. Among other things, alternative solar, wind, biogas, thermal energy, biogas will replace traditional sources around the world and in the country's regions: Batken, Jalal-Abad, Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Osh, Talas, Chui will become more environmentally friendly, attractive , prosperous ... The international gas pipeline Turkmenistan-China will be in the south.

Graduates of the department successfully work with high wages at prestigious enterprises in our country, Russia and Kazakhstan, and some of them in Turkey, Germany, Israel, Canada, France, the UK, etc. Such successes are due to the fact, that students acquire modern professional and widespread abilities, receive certificates in foreign languages, computer technology and work qualifications. They work outside of class hours, during the period of practice and vacation as a welder, installer, intern-designer, operator or designer. Applicants attend KSUCTA events such as Open Day, Career and Contact Day, Heart to Heart, KVN contests, concerts and sports, they take preparatory courses at the university, receive consultations on ORT, etc.

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