Bolotov Taalaibek Tursunkulovich

«Vice-rector on governmental language and educational affairs», Ph.D., associate professor

Date of birth: 28.08.1972.
Education: Higher
In 1996 graduated from KACI, engineer-construction faculty, specialty “Production of building materials and articles”, with honors, with qualification of engineer – builder- technologist. Defended candidate dissertation at specialty 05.23.05- “Building materials and articles” in 2005.
Worked as an engineer, a teacher, a senior teacher, since 2012 an assistant professor of the department. Took professional courses of Center of excellence, NISM of KR in 2005- 2008-2010, Kyrgyz patent in 2010, Engineer Pedagogical Center of excellence of KSUCTA in 2010, KNAUF in 2011. Has a certificate of competence № KG417/02. ODSP.002.03.0136.2013, a qualification certificate on production of construction of building materials- 2015, a qualification certificate on engineering services-2015.
Knowledge of languages: Kyrgyz, Russian- fluently, French- with dictionary.
Computer skills: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP (excellent) (beginner).
Work experience:
1996-1999 - the graduate student of KGUSTA
1999-2004 - the teacher каф. TEPSMI
2004-2006 – the Art. the teacher каф. TEPSMI
2012-2018 - the associate professor каф. PESMIK
2006-2018 – the manager. lab. каф. PESMIK
2018 to a crust. time works the manager. каф. PESMIK (ISIT). 2019 -Vice-rector on governmental language and educational affairs.

Publications: more than 20 scientific works including 5 patents, 16 scientific articles and 8 teaching aids. Awarded Diploma of State agency on science and intellectual property at Government of KR in 2004, Diploma of MO and N of KR in 2005, Diploma of KSUCTA in 2009.