Decorative and applied art is a type of artistic creation that encompasses various types of professional creative activity aimed at creating products that combines utilitarian, aesthetic and artistic functions.

Among the main forms of decorative and applied arts of the Kyrgyz people are felt art, weaving, patterned embroidery, making mats, leather goods, jewelry, wood carving. The ala-kiyiz carpet (Kyrgyz “Motley felt”) is also of great importance in applied arts. Weaving mats is one of the most ancient crafts. In weaving mats, the Kyrgyz used the stems of chiy - steppe reed. Felting art - Wool felting is a special handicraft technique, in the process of which a pattern is created from felting wool on fabric or felt, voluminous toys, panels, decorative items, garments or accessories. Only natural wool has the ability to be felted. Making accessories - toys, phone cases, etc.
Participants have the opportunity to become acquainted with:
-  Centers of folk crafts,
- Technological methods for making products for decorative and industrial applications,
- The properties of materials used in folk crafts, the meaning of color, shape, texture and texture in the products of decorative and applied art, patterns and principles of constructing a decorative composition,
- Development of artistic thinking, creative imagination and graphic skills,
- Different techniques and different materials used in the manufacture of products for decorative and decorative purposes.

Join us as we felt wool, make accessories, sew, shop at Art Studios,  State Enterprise National Association of Folk Arts and Crafts “Kyal" and in our university well-equipped master-classes, and go on amazing trips to meet real decorative and applied art industry pros! We also show you the manufacturing and marketing side of Decorative and Applied Art with factory, trade show and visits to our favorite supply stores. Finally our summer school wouldn’t be complete without trips to the National Park “Ala Archa” and the pearl of our country - Lake Issyk-Kul.
KSUCTA students will accompany and support the participants during the summer school. It will be an excellent experience for communication and exchange of knowledge and skills for German students as well students of KSUCTA. Accommodation and meals in families of accompanying students is possible. All supplies are included in our fee and all students keep their creations.
Our Summer School instructors are Honored Laureates of Decorative and Applied Art Competitions at some of the best Decorative and Applied Art Exhibitions in the world.
Kyrgyzstan is a country of celestial mountains and indescribable nature, a cradle of nomadic culture and the land of the epic hero Manas. Epic "Manas" contains more than a million lines, is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest epic in the world and is protected by UNESCO as the heritage of mankind. The epic describes the culture, philosophy, worldview, history and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. The national language and Kyrgyzstan history courses are offering for the German students. Kyrgyz people can easily speak in Russian, as well as German and English.
On the last day of summer school we hold a professional photo shoot featuring the work of our participants! All fabric, trip and supply costs are included in the school fee.
DURATION:  15-27 August 2022
APPLICATION PERIOD: 11.02.2022 -30.05.2022
LANGUAGE: German, English
Motivation letter with indication the programming skills, preferable place for accommodation, curriculum vitae.
SELECTION CRITERIA: The summer school is designed for students of different directions who want to learn the basics of robotics. Тhe main criteria is motivation.

  • Participants are expected to follow the same rules as members of the host family;
  • Be polite, friendly towards the family;
  • A member may be assigned some household duties;
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or bring alcohol;
  • Observe the rules of hygiene;
  • The organizers of the summer school are not responsible for the time at which the participant of the summer school takes any actions not related to the program.

Breakfast and dinner will be served to host families. Lunch will be shared with all summer school participants in the cafeteria. In addition, summer school participants will be provided with soft drinks and light snacks during breaks and students will be provided with water and tea during the day.
During a joint pastime in the lesson or during their free time, students will be looked after by the staff of the summer school.
About illnesses of school participants that require special care during the course, such as diabetes, allergies, etc. must be communicated to the organizers of the summer school when applying. All necessary medicines must be brought with you (please, in the original packaging with an insert).
Unfortunately, the summer school cannot reimburse the costs of visiting a doctor if necessary and medicines.

  • underwear;
  • socks;
  • t-shirts (short and long sleeves);
  • sleeveless t-shirts / tops;
  • clothing to keep the rain out (raincoat / umbrella, sturdy shoes and quick-drying trousers such as light sweatpants);
  • bathing suit / swimming trunks;
  • scarf / neckerchief;
  • headdress;
  • pullover, sweatshirt;
  • trousers;
  • shorts / skirt;
  • jacket;
  • sportswear;
  • sunscreen;
  • sunglasses;
  • sandals;

Participation fee in - 500 € 
Contact person:
Name: Makhabat Karagulova
Adress: Chokmorov street 256, flat 61
E-Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +996707 126 291