At the Institute of Transport and Ecology of KSUCTA n.a. N. Isanov, on May 27, 2021 took place the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference on the directions of transport, ecology, youth policy and languages ​​(Kyrgyz, Russian and foreign) on the topic “Scientific and a practice-oriented view of the young generation on solving problems of transport, ecology and youth policy".

The conference was conducted in the following sections:

SECTION 1. Organization of transportation, traffic safety and customs affairs in transport.
SECTION 2. Automotive industry and service. Transport, technological machines.
SECTION 3. Problems of the ecological state of the regions and solutions (by industry).
SECTION 4. The role of youth in the development of the country.
SECTION 5. Language is a key factor in the relationship of all spheres of activity.
During the conference was made a welcoming speech by the director of the unitary enterprise "BAMAP-SERVICE", Ph.D., Associate Professor, Acad. of the International Academy of Transport Andrey Valerievich Korolev (Republic of Belarus), Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication n.a. M. Tynyshpaev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Zhanbirov Zhumazhan Ginayatovich (Kazakhstan), Dean of the Physics and Mathematics Department of KSTU n.a. I. Razzakov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Matkerimov Taalaibek Ysmanalievich, head of the department "Automobile transport" of KRSU, doctor of technical sciences, prof. Glazunov Dmitry Vladimirovich, representatives from K. Skryabin KNAU, candidate of technical science (Ph.D.), Associate Professor A. Kalmanbetova, Kyrgyz Aviation Institute n.a. I.Abdraimov, Director of INTRANSECO KSUCTA n.a. N. Isanov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Orozbek Toktogulovich Shatmanov, Director of the Institute of Magistracy of KSUCTA, Ph.D., Assoc. Sydykova Cholpon Kachkynbekovna, head of the department of international relations Karagulova Makhabat, head of departments INTRANSECO.
More than 50 foreign and republican participants presented their reports, such as Bagylov N. - master student of the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) on the topic “Implementation of simulation modeling in the bachelor's program in the direction of “Technology of transport processes””, Rakhmatullaev I. - Ekibastuz engineering technical institute n.a. K.Satpayev on the topic “Abai in the modern multilingual world”, Kadyrova A., Tokoev S. - 2-year students of the KSMA n.a. I.K. Akhunbaev on the topic “The modern epidemiological situation of echinococcosis in the Kyrgyz Republic on the example of the Osh region”, Narisbek kyzy N. - a 1-year student of the Bishkek State University n.a. K. Karasayev on the topic “Language and communication”, etc.
All reports were relevant in their fields of research, aroused the interest of the participants. Following the conference:
- it was proposed to create a creative group “Bilim bulakchasy” for exchange of ideas, discussion of problematic issues related to professional activities among students, undergraduates and teaching staff;
- the best articles are recommended for publication in the KSUCTA Bulletin, and all participants received certificates for their active participation.

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